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Tuesday Is Monday Now Links

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* Robert J. Sawyer, against Star Wars. 

‘Save the gun’ law bars North Carolina cops from destroying guns. Finally, someone is solving the real problems.

* Football’s death spiral: Trainers who butt heads with coaches over concussion treatment take career hits.

How Not To Publish Columns Justifying Rape: A Step-By-Step Guide For Editors.

But even moralizing liberals should be on guard against moral sentimentalism, because it ultimately serves immoral ends — it props up class stratification and impedes the realization of social justice. For ordinary folk, who have little control over public affairs, it offers the fantasy of feeling empowered, of taking pride in their own individual conduct as all that really matters. It is a new opiate for the masses in our post-religious age. For elites, it is a way of steering the public away from taking political action to reform their affairs. Moral sentimentalism is one of the principal ways in which our bourgeois society checks impulses towards radical change.

Wayne State invests in Detroit.

* And rest in peace, Fredrik Pohl. One of science fiction’s great writers and editors.

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