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But Separate & Unequal, a recent report by Anthony Carnevale and Jeff Strohl, reveals a disturbing reality.  The report makes abundantly clear that over the last 15 years higher education has been a source of increasing racial inequality.  Focusing on African-Americans and Latinos, Carnevale and Strohl show that although minority enrollment has increased at a greater rate than has growth in white enrollment, this growth has been disproportionately in the poorest, and least selective, higher education institutions. (9-10, 16-21)

Working-class men and women have come to see their relationship with college as a broken social contract.

Undergraduates are significantly more likely to major in a field if they have an inspiring and caring faculty member in their introduction to the field. And they are equally likely to write off a field based on a single negative experience with a professor.

“Sesame Street” Takes On America’s Prison Industrial Complex.

Why is a bankrupt city building a new $650 million “hockey arena district” to house the Detroit Red Wings?

Robbers used special effects masks to disguise themselves as white. If the robbers had been just a bit smarter about this, it seems like it would have worked.

* The A.V. Club makes the case against Breaking Bad. Tread. Lightly.

* And is a survey about graduate student labor.

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  1. ‘The worst example of the character-as-plot-device problem is also one of the most popular: Gus Fring, the robotic narcotics magnate who exists almost entirely on the plane of Bond villains and 24 “big bads.”’ – The end of season 4 and the characterization of Gus Fring is what made me lose all interest in Breaking Bad.

    Alex Greenberg

    August 12, 2013 at 12:11 pm

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