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Gaps and Overlaps

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Working as a freelancer, working to maintain a foothold in a new country is not working within the laws of society. The new normal, the post-employment ‘disruptor’s economy’ is to be between societies, to be between methods of availment. A refugee is not permitted to use the language of the old land and is considered uppity to use the rights of the new. An at-will employee cannot use the language of his employer nor the language of the unemployed. There is instead this right-less, law-less middle ground. Or, if one is truly unfortunate, a land overflowing with laws: an American does not have the right to whistleblow; a whistleblower doesn’t have the right of refuge. Sheremetyevo becomes the only middle ground in a dark and claustrophobic venn diagram.

Written by gerrycanavan

July 18, 2013 at 10:40 am

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