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For two years, claims about the cheapness of the MOOC format overcame widespread doubts about their educational and social effects. During this time, the main MOOC companies did not release specific financial projections.  Now we finally have two spreadsheets, and their claims to cheapness are not confirmed.

* Jury Awards $13 Million to One Plaintiff Deceived by For-Profit College.

* Good news! Racism is over! Workplace harassment is a thing of the past! Climate change ain’t no thang! The innocent have nothing to fear!

* And then there’s Alito.

Domestic Violence Victim Killed By Boyfriend After ICE Ignored Her Pleas For Protection And Deported Her.

* @sarahkendzior: “Our economic times demand a raise in the minimum wage,” declares @thenation, who pay interns $4.37 per hour. Meanwhile, Gawker Media is the next company to get sued.

* Death of the humanities watch, actual numbers edition: Humanities degrees were 17.1% of all degrees in 1971, 17.0 in 2010. Via Michael Bérubé. More links after the chart.


* Berkeley’s big stadium boondoggle.

* The Grad Pay Project.

* Porn wars: the debate that’s dividing academia.

* Mickey Mouse in Vietnam.

* Pac-Man as survival horror.

* How you know you are not a brain in a vat.

* Unnecessary medicine shortages in this, the greatest nation in the history of the world.

* And scientists discover a silver-bullet quick-fix to improve your life expectancy by twenty years.

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