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Thursday Morning Bummer Watch

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* “Contingency has become permanent, a rite of passage to nowhere”: Academia’s indentured servants. Lots of people have been linking to this interview about postacademic transition with Sarah as well.

Florida Introduces Bill Defining Accreditation as the Literal Opposite of Accreditation.

Florida lawmakers advanced a bill this week intended to upend the American college accreditation system.

The measure would allow Florida officials to accredit individual courses on their own — including classes offered by unaccredited for-profit providers.

* San Jose State expands ed/X partnership. The dream of the Nineties is alive in MOOCs!

I watched the videos alone. I struggled. I paused, rewound, and replayed. I learned alone.

Becoming Prof 2.0.

…we need to understand that the purpose and productivity of the university has come under increasing scrutiny over the past 30 years or so, as conservative political movements have gained strength, and various recessions have gouged out government coffers. We also have to understand such trends as: the constriction and stratification of the academic job market; internationalization and marketization of education; student consumerism; rapid development of new technologies and the evolving needs of an expanding student population. These developments have changed the demands made on university faculty, as has the tendency towards managerial governance in universities, which places an emphasis on accountability, efficiency, and quality control. Who ends up on the path to becoming a professor, and what kind of academic world lies at the end of it?

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