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Radical Pedagogy with Adam Kotsko

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Read good books in conversation with others under the supervision of a skilled researcher who can help direct both comprehension and application.

From these premises, certain natural consequences inevitably present themselves.

First, we must minimize the number of full-time faculty at our institutions and rely heavily less experienced instructors such as grad students. Second, we need to invest as many resources as possible in administration and capital-intensive projects such as new buildings and cutting-edge computer technology. Third, in order to increase access to quality education, we need to vastly “scale up” lecture courses to the point where students will have no direct contact with the instructor at all. (Indeed, we should repeatedly re-use recorded lectures so that the instructor doesn’t even need to be involved with the course on an ongoing basis.) Finally, in developing our programs, we need to be guided above all by the whims of wealthy donors — after all, if they’re willing to pay for it, it must be worth doing.

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April 9, 2013 at 8:58 am

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