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Born That Way

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Current research on pedophilia suggests the tendency may be both in-born and importantly distinct from molestation.

More evidence of brain involvement comes from scattered examples of men with brain tumors or neurological diseases affecting inhibition.

In one case, a 40-year-old teacher in Virginia with no history of sexual deviance suddenly became interested in child pornography and was arrested for molesting his prepubescent stepdaughter.

The night before his sentencing, he showed up at an emergency room with a bad headache. An MRI revealed a tumor compressing his brain’s right frontal lobe.

When the tumor was removed, his obsession faded, according to Dr. Russell Swerdlow, a neurologist on the case. A year later he again became sexually fixated on children. The tumor was growing back.

Hullaboo’s headline reads “Pedophilia and the Failure of Libertarian Ideology,” but it seems to me that a better take would be “Pedophilia and the Limits of Liberalism.” Research like this—and similar research on genetic disease, on the importance of the natal environment, on the effects of lead exposure on cognition, and so forth—makes the ideology of a radically free liberal subject seem increasingly untenable. At best it’s a convenient fiction that makes society function while flattering the egos of our elites.

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