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Grant Morrison Explains Batman

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The Sixties Batman works because when you’re a kid you take it really seriously and when you’re an adult, you think it’s pretty funny. But when you’re an adolescent and you’re getting into Batman as an idea of something cool and mysterious and reflection of your own darker moods – that’s when you really hate that Adam West stuff. It’s anathema to the adolescent concept of Batman as a tortured, angst-ridden loner. But obviously the older you get, the funnier it gets. Like the fact that they almost never mention Batman’s parents had been killed. There was no real explanation that he had suffered any trauma at all. I kind of love that idea that, just because he has loads of money, why the fuck wouldn’t you?

Grant Morrison’s guide to all the filmic Batmen. Related: 10 Alternate Reboots for Batman. Via MeFi.

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August 3, 2012 at 2:40 pm

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