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* Most girls as young as 6 are already beginning to think of themselves as sex objects, according to a new study of elementary school-age kids in the Midwest.

* Global Warming’s Terrifying New Math.

* Bruce/Batman, distracted by his mommy-daddy-me orphan issues, has not realized that he has become the villain. Batman Occupied.

* So you say you want to be vice president.

* And just because: What Playing Cricket Looks Like to Americans.

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  1. I did a survey of young children 20 years ago for an honors English class in high school that showed that both boys and girls were starting to objectify themselves in different ways due to changes in television consumption that occurred during the first grade. Who knew that it would take 20 years for someone to actually publish a peer-reviewed study on the subject?

    Eric Hines

    July 19, 2012 at 2:16 pm

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