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Arigata-Meiwaku (n): An Act Someone Does for You That You Didn’t Want to Have Them Do and Tried to Avoid Having Them Do, But They Went Ahead Anyway, Determined to Do You a Favor, And Then Things Went Wrong and Caused You a Lot of Trouble, Yet in the End Social Conventions Required You to Express Gratitude

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This wonderful list of 25 handy words that don’t exist in English is indispensable if only for its answer to Germany’s schadenfreude:

17 Pena ajena (Mexican Spanish): The embarrassment you feel watching someone else’s humiliation

The difference between tatemae and honne is also incredibly useful for understanding U.S. politics today…

Written by gerrycanavan

May 25, 2012 at 9:29 am

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  1. […] still), winter (Canadian), omiyage, and I have too many favorite words to pick, but 木漏れ日、ありがた迷惑、教学相長、グサッと、and 勝負 are some of the ones I think are more […]

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