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‘We Are Living Cadavers’

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To entrap the potential sellers, organ brokers tell them that they have two kidneys, but one of them is “sleeping” in the body. During the operation, doctors “awaken” this dormant kidney and take the old one out for donation. In this view, the second kidney is just baggage, a cash reserve buried in the lower back. Furthermore, sellers are told that their second kidney is no use to them if their first one fails, which quiets thoughts of “what if I need that second kidney in the future?” They’re also told the surgery is 100 percent safe. “It’s the same story the sellers told me again and again,” Moniruzzaman says. “I couldn’t believe how much of a dirty trick it can be.”

After they agree to donate, sellers are tissue tested, and if there is a match, the broker will offer the seller around $1,150. But in most cases, the sellers do not receive anywhere near that amount. The organ brokers tack on extra fees for travel and other logistics, and the sellers make sometimes only half the initial amount — and even then only after the surgery is completed.

Written by gerrycanavan

March 24, 2012 at 6:19 am

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