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* What it’s like to be a woman on the Internet. Via MeFi.

* Suffer the little children: An unprecedented increase in the deportation of undocumented immigrants has left an estimated 5,100 children languishing in U.S. foster homes — a troubling figure that could triple in the coming years, according to a November report from a New York-based advocacy group. Another Obama triumph!

* Democracy in America just isn’t working very well lately.

Public attention has focused on the new state photo ID requirements. But many other new and not-so-new devices have been instituted across the nation. These include: cutbacks in the days available for pre-Election Day voting, making it harder to assist voters with registration, eliminating Election Day registration and requiring proof of citizenship to either register or vote.

* Hometown hero watch: A brief history of Harold and Kumar 3D.

* Yes, X-Men: Second Class is going to be a thing.

* Beware the black money grift.

* And if you’re hiding from E.T., please, remember to turn off the lights.

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