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‘Generally Speaking a Million-Dollar President Could Be Kidnapped by Space Aliens and It Would Be Weeks or Even Months Before His or Her Absence from Campus Was Noticed’

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I wanted to emphasize a major shift that’s been underway for several decades. Deans have an academic background. Years ago, they were part-time and always part of the faculty. This is extremely important because, like the faculty, they saw the university as an instrument of teaching and scholarship. Today, we have a cadre of professional administrators. I called them deanlets to give emphasis to the difference. They either have no faculty background or they decided early in their careers that their talents lay elsewhere. To them, what used to be the means is now the end. Instead of an institution serving teaching and scholarship, teaching and scholarship serve the institution.

A must-read interview with David Bernstein on administrative blight and “the fall of the faculty” at Inside Higher Ed. Via @zunguzungu.

Written by gerrycanavan

July 14, 2011 at 7:29 pm

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