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Rising from the Ashes Thursday

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* Confusion Reigns Over Legality of Anti-Union Bill Passage in Wisconsin. I offered in the MetaFilter thread last night my suspicion that having this bill overturned on procedural or state-constitutional grounds could be Walker’s face-saving exit strategy at this point; it’s been very common over the last few decades for Republicans to pass transparently illegal or unconstitutional legislation as red meat for the base, only to raise additional cash when “activist judges” throw the legislation out. If the lack of quorum genuinely tied his hands, illegitimately claiming to have passed the law anyway lets Walker still claim to have won. It’s certainly being reported that way.

* Watching Twitter last night was inspiring, despite the defeat. Calls for a general strike in particular are exiting; that’s something I’d never expected to see happen here. (The last was apparently in 1934.) The class war is definitely happening out in the open in the moment: Wisconsin GOP Bill Allows State to Fire Employees for Strikes, Walk-Outs. No strike yet.

* Elsewhere in union-busting news: The many lies of Chris Christie, in the New York Times.

* So what is this Manifesto? In essence, it is a vindication of the arts and humanities as the most valuable of social and cultural practices.

* Flying cars: just one year away.

* And you always knew it: science proves running a lot will kill you.

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  1. […] Jones, “Wisconsin GOP Bill Allows State to Fire Employees for Strikes, Walk-Outs” Gerry Canavan, links, and suggests the bill is really just a way of saving face for Walker Firedoglake rounds up the […]

  2. Some additional thoughts I left in the zunguzungu thread: I don’t talk about this in the post, but it’s remarkable how plastic procedural formalism is. Only last year the filibuster was so sacred that using a legislative procedure explicitly designed so as not to require a filibuster for budgetary reconciliation was “ramming it through”; now, an open meetings law that specifically prohibits doing what they just did is a piddling technicality, and the fact that a non-fiscal bill contains fiscal elements and so couldn’t have been legally passed without a quorum in the first place is hardly even worthy of mention….


    March 10, 2011 at 10:29 am

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