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Congratulations to Both

leave a comment »’s list of official Scrabble records. The best, obviously, is lowest combined game score:

1. −22: Marlon Hill −6 vs. Ben Schoenbrun −16, July 3, 2010, Albany, NY (game ended after two phoneys and four exchanges)
2. −20: Helena Gauthier −9 vs. Gerianne Abriano −11, June 19, 2010, Nashua, NH
3. −18: Rod Nivison −8 vs. −10, July 1990, Midwest Invitational Tournament

The story of each is more or less this, cribbed from the TV Tropes page on Obvious Game Patches:

A game of Scrabble ends when a player runs out of tiles, or when each player takes three straight non-scoring turns and at least one player actually has points. The last clause had to be added because of a strange tournament game where a player accidentally dropped a tile face up in attempting to put tiles on his rack. The opponent noticed that this tile would combine with his own rack to form a word allowing him to reach the edge of the board, and so simply passed. The player who showed the tile, however, wasn’t in a hurry to make the first word either, and started by just exchanging some tiles to get a better rack. When he finally did make a play, on the 3rd turn, it was a fake word. The other player still had the opportunity to make the play he was looking for, but opted for something better: challenge the word off the board! As this was the sixth scoreless turn, the game ended immediately, and each player lost points from the value of their tiles. The player who made the challenge was able to see that by doing so, he would automatically win by a score of negative 8 to negative 10.

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February 4, 2011 at 11:05 pm

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