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* Man arrested after threats to Rep. McDermott. Man arrested after threats to Sen. Bennet. Hedge fund manager arrested after threats to 47 government officials. And then there’s this. It’s been a tough week.

* I believe that if Dr. King were alive today, he would recognize that we live in a complicated world, and that our nation’s military should not and cannot lay down its arms and leave the American people vulnerable to terrorist attack. I bet you’re wrong!

* Climate change makes the sun rise earlier in Greenland. It’s either totally true, or someone trolling the climate debate really effectively.

* Speaking of really effective trolls: Ladies and gentlemen, the Washington Times.

* The Assange hook is weird, but the overall point is right. Two spaces after a period: just don’t do it.

* Everyone is talking about the Joseph Conrad / Ford Maddox Ford science fiction novel I’ve had sitting on my shelf all semester. It’s available for free at Project Gutenberg.

* In nuclear silos, death wears a snuggie.

* Writing as an act of faith. Via Steve.

* Flowchart of the day: Should I work for free?

* Tweet of the day, by a mile.

Take out the vowels in Reince Priebus’ name and you get “RNC PR BS.”

It’s the only thing that makes losing Michael Steele any easier.

* If you’re ask sick of people talking about astrology as I am, you might enjoy Adorno’s “Theses against Occultism.” Via Vu.

* And I think I’ve done this one before, but what the hell: alternate universe movie posters.

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  1. “The tendency to occultism is a symptom of regression in consciousness.” – Regression in consciousness? So astrology = bullshit, but psychoanalysis = legitimate scientific discipline? Somehow I’m not convinced.


    January 14, 2011 at 9:34 pm

  2. surely you would agree that there are degrees of bullshit. also 1977! and isn’t 2011 high time to end this knee-jerk discrimination against those in glass houses who still have stones to throw?


    January 15, 2011 at 2:22 am

  3. The whole two-spaces thing strikes me as silly, an occasional concern for typesetters but not all that important for writers — and actually bad advice for writers using the still frequently preferred monospaced Courier font, in which two spaces reads better than one.


    January 18, 2011 at 7:45 pm

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