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Sunday Night in Brussels

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* We’re in Brussels tonight, which as I mentioned on Twitter is my kind of town: obsessed with french fries, chocolate, and comic books. We’ve really been enjoying the comics murals walking tours and I’m hoping to snag all 38 by the time we leave. We should have time, because unbeknownst to the person who planned our trip the entire country of Belgium shuts down on Mondays. Somebody really Belgiumed this thing up big time.

* Stay in the same expensive hotels. Don’t live close to the people. Produce lots of stories and make money. Pull up in your rented SUV to a camp of people who lost their homes, still living under the wind and rain. Step out into the mud with your waterproof boots. Fresh notepad in hand. That ragged-looking woman is yelling at you that she needs help, not another foreigner taking her photo. Her 3-year-old boy is standing there, clinging to her leg. Her arms are raised, mouth agape, and you can’t understand her because you don’t speak Haitian Creole. How to write about Haiti, via MetaFilter.

* It’s rare to see Malthusian arithmetic drawn out so explicitly. How many of the world’s poor do we need, really?

* Somebody finally let the New York Times know that the Roberts court is ultraconservative. Via OpenLeft.

* Ph.D. Comics is visiting Comic-Con (1, 2). Part 3 will be posted tomorrow, I think.

* And thirty-forty-five years ago today, Bob Dylan betrayed us all. See also. Via Neil.

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  1. it was 45 years ago today…wasn’t it?
    not that i would remember. those were the days when Dylan would be on the cover of Teen Beat…” win a dream date with Bob! ”
    “Twelve ways to become Bob’s heart throb.”


    July 25, 2010 at 6:19 pm

  2. If I’m not mistaken, Ph.D. Comics is actually skipping Comic-Con this year and recollecting last year’s.


    July 25, 2010 at 7:18 pm

  3. I’m not reading anything carefully, am I?


    July 26, 2010 at 3:33 am

  4. […] a comment » Earlier in the week I was giving Charlie Stross a hard time for some unhappy Malthusianism, but the followup post on the Fermi Paradox, the simulation argument, and Boltzmann brains is much […]

  5. […] some photos from our European vacation on Flickr, including (among other things) a lot of shots of those Belgian comics murals we were so taken […]

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