Gerry Canavan

the smartest kid on earth

Tuesday Night and I’m Way Behind

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* Even Tea Party darling Mark Rubio opposes the new Arizona immigration law. Meanwhile, Kos highlights a clause that will launch a thousand lawsuits later this year.

* You had me at Fantasy & Sci-Fi Magazine Art.

* When Malcolm X’s assassin was paroled earlier today, he walked out onto the corner of West 110th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard. You can’t make stuff like this up.

* High school senior Brent Jones had a problem: officially he didn’t exist.

* Great news: Noah’s Ark has been found again (again).

* The case against Laurence Lessig’s case for Elena Kagan.

* And the Coast Guard may set the Louisiana oil spill on fire in an effort to contain the spreading damage. Drill, baby, drill…

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