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Very Quick Tuesday Night Links

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* Previously unseen Jack Kirby creations.

* Joss Whedon will direct The Avengers! This will either be completely awesome or a completely awesome disaster.

* Could password masking really cost $16 billion dollars in productivity each year?

* Sarah Palin’s tour rider. Bendable straws not optional.

* And Rush Limbaugh is still an idiot.

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  1. Joss getting The Avengers is good news insofar as Joss doing anything is good news, but I fear it’s another potential letdown — even if the film is good, if it doesn’t meet expectations at the box office, the narrative of Joss being a has-been will be set. It’s also another project that keeps him from a Dr. Horrible sequel or a cable TV show, where we all know he belongs. Plus, The Avengers was never my favorite Marvel franchise. Hopefully the paycheck will be big and he can finance some web side projects of his own.

    Bill Simmon

    April 14, 2010 at 9:30 am

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