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Where Have All the Republicans Gone?

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Mark Halprin, master of D.C. conventional wisdom, points out that only two GOP candidates are currently making serious efforts to run for president in 2012: Mitt Romney, a second-rate candidate whose chances have likely already been scuttled by Romneycare’s structural similarities to Obamacare, and Minnesota’s Tim Pawlenty, a “virtual unknown.” The best bit:

And despite his years in the national spotlight, Romney remains unexpectedly unfamiliar to a large number of Americans. On a recent cross-country trip, as I read Romney’s new best seller, No Apology, which features a close-up photo of the author on the front cover, a passing flight attendant exclaimed, “No apology? Not even for his wife?” If Romney can so easily be confused with disgraced politician John Edwards, he’ll have to work harder to create a more distinct identity if he hopes to win the White House.

Via Ben Smith, who also notes another round of Obama/West Wing fanfic.

Written by gerrycanavan

April 5, 2010 at 10:21 am

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