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Thursday Daytime Links

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* Alastair Reynolds, Vernor Vinge, Karl Schroeder and Charlie Stross chat about the Singularity. Via MeFi.

* A school district in Pennsylvania is being sued for spying on students in their homes with school-provided laptops. WTF? What lawyer cleared this?

* Duke undergraduates can have their so-called “rights” when they’ve clawed them from my cold, dead hands: Really interesting (and, I think, ambitious) initiative from Duke Student Government. I wonder how it’ll turn out.

* Has the Democratic Party had a secret brain/spine transplantation? The OpenLeft whipcount now has 30 Democratic Senators on board for the totally obvious step of using reconciliation to pass health care, with an additional 17 officially on board with the Clyburn-tested, Canavan-approved step of using reconciliation to reinsert the public option.

* GOP to filibuster jobs bills entirely on procedural grounds. These guys should definitely be put back in charge. P.S.: There’s no way they’ll ratify a test ban treaty, either.

* Thomas Geoghegan at Democracy Now on killing the filibuster.

* Two more high-ranking Taliban commanders have been captured in Pakistan.

* The odds a United States president owned slaves are 1 in 3.58. Via Eric Barker.

* Eat the rich: 400 families “earned” $345 million each in 2007. Taxing these 400 families at the marginal tax rate of 1951 would net an additional 125 billion dollars for the federal government each year, which by itself would more than pay for health care. of course, that’s just my opening bid; I’m open to compromise. For instance we could split the difference between 91% (1951) and 35% (today) at 63%—this would net $87 billion a year, also enough to pay for health care by itself.

* And every blog on the Internet is required to link to the Esquire Roger Ebert profile, as well as Ebert’s reply on his blog. Consider me in compliance.

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