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Tuesday Late Night

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* A major earthquake has hit Haiti, throwing the nation into chaos and likely causing massive loss of life. The U.S. ambassador to Haiti has called it “a catastrophe of major proportions.” Rolling coverage at MetaFilter.

* Google has announced it is reversing its stance of compliance with Chinese government censorship.

* Murdoch unhappy with Ailes and Fox News? Children always grow up into monsters.

* Every spring, Patterson runs a policy simulation designed to illustrate the difficulty of operating an organization in the context of asymmetric and limited information. Every fall, I run a two hour mini-simulation designed to give students a sense of how the larger simulation will play out. In my first year, I did zombies; the year after was the aftermath of Independence Day, and last year I asked our 35 first year graduate students to develop a strategy for containing or killing Godzilla. Since vampires seem to be in the news lately, this year I chose a vampire oriented scenario.

* When Jon Stewart fails.

* Conan speaks!

* And now Scalia looooooooves foreign legal precedent. Originalism sure is complicated!

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  1. Re Scalia, this just goes to show that conservative justices are just as activist as liberal justices, the only difference being which group benefits from the activism.


    January 13, 2010 at 10:45 am

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