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Halprin takes some scalps: Harry Reid and Bill Clinton both look pretty bad today, not to mention John and Elizabeth Edwards and the entire freakin’ Edwards campaign. With Democrats like these, is it any wonder Obama looked so good?

UPDATE: Ben Smith comes to the same conclusion here:

Having dug into the book — which is quite good — a bit, one disparity was hard to miss. The Edwardses, Clintons, Giulianis and others are depicted as vastly different from their public images. John and Elizabeth are a vain empty suit and Lady MacBeth; Hillary is as calculating, hard-edged, maladroit, and ideological as her critics have always maintained.

The one character who appears in the book as he’d like you to see him: Obama. Which, one way or another, explains why he won: He was either untroubled by the deep contradictions that dogged his rivals; or he was better at concealing them. (He is also the only candidate whose staffers remain with him, deeply invested in his image and unwilling to dish, which helps.)

More inside details from the book from Jonathan Martin here, including some details of its report of Biden’s being cut off from Obama’s inner circle during the campaign and McCain camp fears that Sarah Palin was mentally unstable.

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