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* While we still come down on opposite sides of the particular questions involved, Traxus has a mostly good piece on Copenhagen, health care, and everything else.

But if the term ‘progressive’ is to be taken seriously, a different political reality has to be embraced. All the feel-good talk about ‘getting somewhere’ or ‘good starts’ is so much living in the past. Everyone who calls the shots now knows, or has to pretend they know, that environmental catastrophe and financial crisis are real, and that health reform is necessary. We can be pleased or terrified about that. But from a practical standpoint the most important immediate goal is to move the center left. … In the world we live in, where we are just extras whose consent is either manufactured or assumed, fighting back means refusing to take on ourselves the dreary weight of their responsibilities and the illusion of power that comes with them. Demanding at the same time that they live up to their professed responsibilities and killing their bills when they don’t may be irresponsible in this heavily leveraged political environment — a losing battle — but that’s asymmetric politics. Devoting our energies to help the political class make decisions as if we didn’t exist isn’t even a partial victory, it’s just martyrdom.

* Ezra Klein is all over the filibuster this weekend, with a cover story in the Outlook section of the Post as well as interviews with Jeff Merkley, Tom Harkin, SEIU’s Andy Stern, and UCLA’s Barbara Sinclair.

* More on America’s broken political institutions today from Matt Yglesias and Steve Benen.

* Yesterday’s thwarted terror attack over Detroit has already caused overboard security procedures to be implemented on transatlantic flights int the U.S. Via Kevin Drum.

According to a statement posted Saturday morning on Air Canada’s Web site, the Transportation Security Administration will severely limit the behavior of both passengers and crew during flights in United States airspace — restricting movement in the final hour of flight. Late Saturday morning, the T.S.A. had not yet included this new information on its own Web site.

“Among other things,” the statement in Air Canada’s Web site read, “during the final hour of flight customers must remain seated, will not be allowed to access carry-on baggage, or have personal belongings or other items on their laps.”

* If I’m reading this story correctly, insects are our masters now.

* And Glenn Beck is your misinformer of the year.

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  1. Can’t have an item on your lap? Like, a magazine?


    December 27, 2009 at 2:56 am

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