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Monday Night Links

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* My prediction from several days ago is already! coming! true!: support for both the Senate bill and President Obama are rising as passage grows closer, particularly among Democrats.

* The bad ’00s: 58% of the country thinks the Bush years were either “awful” or “not so good”; only 12% say “good” or “great.”

* Mainstream pundits are finally talking about how the terrible the filibuster has become. Where have you folks been?

* Ezra Klein rebuts Jane Hamsher’s 10 Reasons to Kill the Bill.

* An analyst in a New York City crime lab faked results for nearly fifteen years—but remarkably not a single case was compromised.

* 9 MLA interviews. Via #mla09. Related, from ProfHacker: How to ‘hack’ a conference.

* Avatar politics roundup. My take, if you missed it, below.

* And two from Eric Barker: Science proves pretty waitresses get bigger tips and having children makes you more like your parents.

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