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As I Head Out of Town, Some Links

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* Rate Your Students has a long piece with “real advice” for grad students headed out to job interviews. Good luck out there.

* Sony strenuously denies that the Vulture/”Vulturess” pair sucks bad enough to stop production on Spider-Man 4.

* Attention: Avatards: The House Next Door has two reviews, and there’s one each at /Film and Overthinking It.

* Climate Progress says the Guardian bungled the Copenhagen story I posted last night: the 3°C rise in temperatures describes promised cuts made pre-Copenhagen. David Roberts at Grist adds that things in Copenhagen are actually looking pretty good.

* The first things a new nation needs are a football team and an army. The last thing it needs is for either to disappear overnight and it’s an embarrassment to Eritrea, which won independence from Ethiopia in 1993, that all 12 members of the national squad should have dumped their strip in the wheelie-bins at the back of their hotel during a CECAFA tournament in Kenya and vanished without further ado. ‘Cazzo,’ I hear the Eritrean leadership whispering to itself. ‘But at least we’ve still got the army.’

* You are in a game show with nineteen other players. You don’t know the other players, you can’t see them, and you can’t communicate with them. The game you are in is called ‘Greed!’, and is straightforward to explain. You are asked to write down a whole dollar amount in the range $1 – $1,000,000 on a piece of paper. You will be paid the amount you asked for if it is deemed to be ‘non-greedy’. Whether your request is indeed ‘non-greedy’ will be decided once all twenty request have been received by the host of the show. Your requested amount will be labeled ‘non-greedy’ if no other player has asked for less, and at least one player has asked for more. Let’s all make a pact now that if we wind up on this show we write “$1,000,000.” (via)

* Ladies and gentlemen, the known universe.

* And science proves peer pressure is a good thing. Via Eric Barker.

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