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* Isaac Asimov’s “The Relativity of Wrong” uses an “English Lit major” as its punching bag. Damn you Asimov! (via)

* The Savage Critic explains misogyny in the Marvel Universe.

The origin of our vagina monster? It’s a woman wanting sex. Sex makes women crazy and dangerous. The result of female sexual excitability is a “genetic W.M.D.”…

The obvious conclusion to draw from DARK REIGN: THE LIST– X-MEN #1 is that at the close of 2009, a woman with an appetite for sex is apparently the very definition of fear and horror for Marvel comic creators and their audience.

* So weird to see Canada being a less responsible global citizen than the U.S.

* “Tea Party” now more popular than GOP.

* ‘How Joe Lieberman Turned The Public Option Fight On Its Head.’ Ezra Klein has some details on the latest set of compromises brought about through the Democratic Party’s ongoing negotiation with itself.

* Meet your new GRE.

* And MetaFilter has your music videos of the day.

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  1. The Relativity of Wrong is one of my go-to texts when defending the efficacy of scientific advances, generally. Nice to see it available online.

    Bill Simmon

    December 7, 2009 at 1:40 pm

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