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Some Tuesday Links

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Some Tuesday links.

* I linked not long ago to a report that carbon emissions had dropped dramatically in part due to the weak economy, so here’s a countervailing report out today saying that the developing world is more than making up for it.

* The richest nation in the history of the world: …in 2008, 17 million households, or 14.6 percent, were food insecure and families had difficulty putting enough food on the table at times during the year.

* Interesting list: Top Grossing Movies That Never Hit #1, the Top Five, or the Top Ten. Via Kottke.

* America’s Army is apparently an extremely effective recruitment tool.

* Academic sentence generator. Via Negar.

* Map of the day: Corruption Perception Index 2009. Some details on the methodology here.

* And saints preserve us from Nate Silver’s top ten reasons Sarah Palin could win the Republican nomination in 2012.

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