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* November 18th is International Science Fiction Reshelving Day.

Join us this November in a new and unique celebration of science fiction and fantasy literature. Many books from our fine genre are regularly placed in the wrong section of bookstores. This not only hides the books from us, but it prevents readers of those books from discovering the rich tradition to which they belong.

On November 18th that changes. We will go to bookstores around the world and move science fiction and fantasy books from wherever they might be to their proper place in the “Science Fiction” section. We hope that this quiet act of protest will raise awareness of this problem and inspire new readers to explore our thought-provoking genre.

Shouldn’t the protest go the other way, moving SF and fantasy books to “Literature”? Also, isn’t it weird to direct a “protest” like this so directly at Margaret Atwood of all people?

* What is causing our apocalypses? io9 reports.

* More on the irony that New York City may be America’s most ecologically friendly place to live.

* NYRoB considers prison reform and publishes a rather fawning love letter to James Lovelock.

* Cheating referees in the NBA? I’m shocked, shocked!

* How to cheat in the New York City marathon.

* House didn’t significantly improve on Dollhouse, and when DVR numbers are included may have actually underperformed it—but that’s still not a good outcome for Dollhouse fans. House reruns are, after all, from Fox’s perspective essentially free programming.

* American musicians want to know whose music was used as part of the torture regime at Guantánamo Bay. Colbert responds with some love for the Boss. It’s probably too much to hope for, but I’d sort of love for a copyright infringement lawsuit to be the engame in all this.

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November 1, 2009 at 3:29 pm

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