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The Old Lie

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Carol Anne Duffy commissioned some contemporary war poetry for the Guardian. Via MeFi.

Of Course If I Can Help in Any Way
by Sean O’Brien

May we begin? Please tell us what you said
Or did, or saw the others do or say
Or see, or write, or somehow intimate.
We’re anxious to be clear on all the facts.
… But no. You think it’s wiser if instead
You don’t do that. You haven’t got all day.
How could we grasp the interests of the state,
The angel-subtleties its work exacts?
Are we suggesting you might swerve
From righteousness? Why should we need to know?
Who do we think we’re talking to like this
When – okay, look – God’s asked you to preserve
His plans from scrutiny? You smile. You go.
Outside your creatures queue to take the piss.

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July 25, 2009 at 10:09 pm

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