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Other links:

* This post on the Golden Age of Blogging from 11D is circulating pretty widely, and generally comports with my sense of things as a longtime C-list blogger. The first-mover advantage in the blogosphere is hard to overstate, yet this is one of its more overlooked characteristics; it’s still possible to “break through,” but much harder, and it’s nothing like it was in the glory days of 2001-2003. I often wish I’d started earlier.

* Is C-list too generous? Is there a D-list?

* Of course the real problem with this blog is its utter lack of focus, as will now be demonstrated forthwith.

* 200 Characters from Dick Tracy, 1931-1977.

* U.S. gets second-to-worst grade on emissions from the WWF. The worst? Blame Canada.

* Dear Plagiarist.

* 200-year-old cipher cracked; Jefferson pwned.

* The psychology of scams. Via Schneier on Security, via this AskMe on the Craigslist check kiting scam in Canada, via Neil.

* Worst case scenarios: A bar examinant’s $400,000 student loan debt (and admittedly poor history of repayment) has blocked their ability to practice law in the state of New York (and therefore ever hope to pay the loan back). Via Steve.

* And good news from India: Delhi’s high court has decriminalized homosexuality. Via MeFi.

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