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Monday Politics!

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Monday politics!

* Žižek’s recent lectures on “Notes Towards a Definition of Communist Culture” are now online as MP3s. Some video here.

* How much will Waxman-Markey actually cost? Only about $175 per household. But does it really matter how much it “costs” when the alternative is worldwide disaster? The real problem with Waxman-Markey is that it costs too little, because it doesn’t do nearly enough. (Or much of anything.) See the Breakthrough Institute’s analysis for more. (UPDATE: Wound up doing another post about this up the page.)

* Emboldened by polls that show public backing for a government health insurance plan, Democrats are moving to make it a politically defining issue in the debate over the future of medical care. (Via Benen.) I’ve never seen the Democrats “emboldened.” I wonder what it’s like.

* Meanwhile, Krugman points Cassandra-like to our sudden but inevitable betrayal by “centrists” in the Democratic caucus.

Written by gerrycanavan

June 22, 2009 at 4:38 pm

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