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Friday Links 2

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Friday links 2.

* Cinéma vérité vérité: Trailer for an upcoming documentary about Arrested Development. Via Kottke.

* What liberal media: Why would the Washington Post fire one of its best reporters and columnists? Glenn Greewald is on the case
(here’s more), while Steve Benen takes a look at the amazing balance in evidence on the Washington Post‘s editorial page post-Froomkin.

* Still casting about for ways to pacify the LGBT community without having to actually do anything, the Obama administration has announced it is “looking for ways” to include same-sex couples in the 2010 census. Pam at Pandagon has a more in-depth rundown.

* ThinkProgress reports ‘Iranian soccer players reportedly suspended for wearing green wristbands.’

* TPM catches Colbert out of character.

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