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Okay, a Few More

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Okay, a few more.

* Carteret Islands evacuated due to the islands’ sinking against rising sea level.

* Advantage Canavan: Joe Trippi says there’s no truth to the rumors that Edwards staffers had a secret plan to bring down the candidate.

* 90% of Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest has been destroyed.

* My Pitches for Political-Satire Skits Playing on President Obama’s Foibles Keep Getting Shot Down. At McSweeney’s.

* Photographs by blind photographers.

* Life as a New Yorker writer, twittered. Read this version for chronological clarity.

* Raised by anthropologists: Profile of Ursula K. Le Guin.

* The fallacy of authorial intent: The director and writer of The Usual Suspects disagree on what happened in the film.

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