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Still still more more.

* Marc Bousquet says the appointment of Wilma Liebman as chair of the NLRB is a good sign for advocates of grad student unionization. One of the most striking things about meeting grad students from other schools at conferences is always the recognition of just how good we actually have it at Duke—our situation is pretty far from perfect, but a lot of people at other institutions really do have it much worse.

To admit graduate students in the humanities with no or almost no funding isn’t just insane, it’s cruel.

* Iceland to appoint first openly gay woman as prime minister. The gynocracy (lesbocracy?) is finally here.

* Matt Yglesias, who of course now blogs for a nonprofit, says nonprofits are the future of journalism.

* Science fiction book covers that channel pure id.

* Create your own original Star Trek story: a flowchart.

* What? A Blade Runner sequel? Has the whole world gone crazy?

* While we’re on the subject: some articles about Blade Runner. Via MeFi.

* The words of David Foster Wallace.

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February 2, 2009 at 2:42 pm

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