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* The headline reads: “UFO over Germany official.” Via Posthuman Blues.

* More important, a different headline reads: “Arrested Development Movie finally a go?” Sadly, the article is mostly about Jeffrey Tambor threatening violence against Michael Cera, not about news of any actual deal.

* The stimulus bill gives a boost to the credit power of small colleges, probably good news for a lot of folks (not least of all budding academics, if only incidentally).

* As is pretty well-known, Republicans in the House managed to vote unanimously against economic recovery because they are unbelievably massive tools. Luckily, nearly everybody has finally figured this out, except of course a handful of red states and of course telvision news producers, who still give Republicans twice as much coverage despite their having almost no power or relevance.

More on the Republican Party’s massive-tool nature as events warrant.

* While we’re on the subject of Republicans, Steve Benen has a pair of good posts, one about the one line Republicans can’t cross—disagreeing with Rush Limbaugh—and the other a reminder for 2012 about the legitimacy of widespread claims of “voter fraud”. I don’t even want to get into the whole stupid thing about Obama’s tie.

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