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Link Dump #2

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Link dump #2. So many open tabs.

* The Case against Candyland. Playing games with Jaimee’s nieces and nephews has taught me this lesson too—the games we used to play are terribly unfun.

* ‘Obama Disappointed Cabinet Failed To Understand His Reference To Savage Sword Of Conan #24.’

* Also in the news: ‘Blagojevich Claims Behavior Was Just Elaborate Plan To Surprise Patrick Fitzgerald With Senate Nomination On His Birthday.’

* Remember when Conservapedia was sort of hilarious? PZ Meyers catches them with a very disturbing post that reads like a hitlist of Democratic senators.

* The bad news: Climate change may choke the oceans for 100,000 years. The good news: Damage to the rest of the biosphere may be limited to only 1,000 years. A little more from the sporadically blogging Alex Greenberg.

* The Space Adventures of Krypto, Superbody’s dog.

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