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Early Voting

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MyDD summarizes PPP on the early-vote advantage Obama has built, suggesting McCain may have already lost the election in key states. Consider Nevada:

71% of the state’s likely voters say they have already cast their ballots and with those folks Obama has a much broader 57-43 lead. McCain’s bringing the race to within four points is predicated on winning election day voters by a margin of 57-38.

Or Ohio:

[Obama’s] banked a huge lead with early voters, who made up about 30% of the sample. He’s up 65-34 with those folks. McCain’s tightening the race to two points is predicated on his winning election day voters 54-44.

In other news, my prediction for tomorrow is more optimistic and unrealistic than even Kos’s. I can live with that. Get your guess in before the polls close in Virginia and win an Apple MacBook Awesome No-Prize.

Written by gerrycanavan

November 4, 2008 at 4:16 am

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