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Could the Watchmen movie actually be good? A long interview with Zack Synder at io9 gives some reason to hope. Here’s a sneak peak at the title sequence, which sounds promising:

Cut to the opening credits playing the way too obvious and too long “The Times They Are A-Changin'” by Bob Dylan. But besides the extra-long song the viewer is treated to a montage pictures and video showing the creation of the Minutemen superhero team. If you need a historical point of reference, Watchmen’s opening credits has 1,000 of them. Ranging from Silhouette replacing the sailor in the infamous nurse-kissing V-Day black and white still, to Ozymandias standing outside of Studio 54.

Finally we got to see the creation of Dr. Manhattan and listen to the inner monologue of the “god” himself. Watching him turn from Dr. Jonathan Osterman to blue beast was amazing. The detail that they went into ripping out each little organ was shocking. The appearing-reappearing floating circulatory system that floats about days later is forever burned in my eyes. I really see why this character is Snyder’s favorite.

Overall there was a lot of stuff that was a little “I get it — the Watchmen are a part of history”. But besides that and a few scoring changes it was gorgeous, the characters were so lovely that even their teeth were sparkling in the Snyder film. Dr. Manhattan’s back story alone (just the simple day-to-day life of a 1950s) man was strikingly detail oriented.

My first reaction was “‘The Things They Are A-Changing’? Why not ‘Desolation Row’?” but I see now that that will be playing over the end credits.

I’m officially upgrading my expectations on Watchmen to “cautiously optimistic.”

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October 8, 2008 at 3:25 pm

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