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CNN poll:

Who did the best job? 54 Obama – 30 McCain
Favorable/Unfavorable: Obama’s numbers go up slightly (about a +8 swing), while McCain’s remain completely unchanged.

TPM is talking about a possible moment that threatens to crowd out even “That One”—McCain refusing to shake Obama’s hand after the debate. Josh isn’t sure yet if that’s what happened.

Obama wins the CBS snap poll.

Obama: 39%
McCain: 27%

Minds changed: 15% Obama, 14% McCain

Who can handle the Economy: McCain: 41% before, 49% after
Obama 54% before – 68% after

Understand your problems: Obama 60 before -80% after
Prepared to be President: Obama 42% before – 57% after

Chris Matthews says “Barack Obama is gifted in a birth by a wonderful smile.” For Matthews, power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

They’re crying at the Corner.

Mike T and Michael Crowley feel the same pressing absence: Where’s Bill Ayers? Isn’t the fact that Obama lives in the same city as Ayers the most pressing issue of our time?

Obama wins the MSNBC Philly-voter focus group by a big margin.

Ezra Klein:

Tonight was supposed to be John McCain’s night, but it was the first clear debate win Obama has scored over the course of this campaign — including the primary. McCain, as it turned out, was badly disadvantaged by the format. The debate was more physical than previous encounters. The candidates were mobile, as were the cameras. And McCain, for reasons of age and injuries and height, has a less commanding physical presence than Obama. He’s stiff and awkward. The constantly shifting cameras featured a number of behind-the-shoulder shots, which highlighted his thinning hair and hunched posture. The combination left McCain looking ill at ease, while Obama seemed in control of the space. It was the clearest Nixon-to-Kennedy contrast we’ve seen.

That’s backed up by an email I got during the debate:

I wonder if McCain’s ever done a town hall with non-supporters before.

Maybe he’s got a program memory of getting more and more hopped up in these “intimate” settings as the friendly crowd slurps up more and more of his maverick catnip.

Against a backdrop of mounting affection, the neurological striptease he’s doing might make sense, but in the neutral setting it’s unsettling in the extreme.


The CNN panel of “experts” seemed to give the edge to Obama. Wolf Blitzer also says they’ll have their insta-poll in a few minutes.
Neil | Edit comment Delete comment | 10.07.08 – 10:52 pm | #

Buchanan: McCain won on points!

Maddow and Buchanan agree that Obama won by being a “cool customer,” with Maddow elaborating that he won by conducting himself as if McCain weren’t there. I think there’s something to that.

Per Ambinder, “That One” is already on YouTube. Big mistake for McCain, I suspect—crystalizes the growing sense that McCain has contempt for Obama.

She also says my prediction below is already bearing fruit: “they both held their own.” – npr

kate w notices they’re f’ing with our heads: michelle’s wearing red and cindy’s wearing blue!

Pclem has your “My friends” count: I counted 17 “My friends,” but I feel quite certain I missed a couple.

New thread for the post-game analysis. It’s absolutely clear to me that Obama won that thing—McCain was rarely good and often absolutely terrible. Prediction: the pundits will assert that McCain won—perhaps on “points”—before switching opinions completely in the face of snap polls that show another big victory of Obama.

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October 8, 2008 at 2:34 am

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