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Playing Catch-up

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Playing catch-up.

* Al Giordano reports good news out of Virginia, where Obama has taken an unexpected lead. Flipping VA and NM to Obama and flipping IA to McCain (which admittedly looks unlikely at this point) is, incidentally, one of the many combinations resulting in a 269-269 tie, which would throw the election to the House and cause a legal clusterflunk of epic proportions. (As of right now, we’d win, but it would make 2000 look pretty.)

* Also in politics, people are taking notice of what I’ve been saying since the primaries: Claire McCaskill is a better surrogate for Obama than just about anybody in the business. Oh, and Obama gave McCain a much-needed bloody nose on the “fundamentals” line.

* The long-neglected art of Iron Man fan fiction has finally been perfected.

* Bad news for veggietopia: eating vegetables shrinks the brain.

* They’ve found the 20-ft. fence that used to keep the rabble away from Stonehenge.

* I don’t trust anyone with a real job in the banking industry, but this shocked even me: Citibank was caught flat-out stealing $14 million from its customers.

* Congratulations, George Takei.

* The Church of England apologizes to Charles Darwin.

* The David Foster Wallace memorial thread I posted to MetaFilter went really well, I thought. So did MetaTalk. Here’s something else for the collection—a DFW reading from UC-TV, via my editor at the Indy.

* And the Big Picture has stunning photographs of the 2008 Paralympic Games.

Written by gerrycanavan

September 16, 2008 at 3:10 pm

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