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* A metrical analysis of the presidential campaigns reveals Barack Obama will win, as his name is a trochee. (via Bookslut)

* I don’t mean to brag, but I beat Al Giordano to this conclusion about the John Edwards adultery kerfuffle of 2008 by over two weeks.

* Researchers at DefCon in Vegas have demonstrated that they can make “high security” Medeco key-blanks out of the plastic used in credit-cards, and then whittle them into working keys by referring to low-resolution photos of original keys. Easily the best key-related story since the great Bic/bike lock story of Aught Four.

* Also at Boing Boing: 1984 and Brave New World as pulp novels.

* When Lois was too curvy and Superman too gay. Via io9.

* “Serenity: The Other Half.” A Firefly comic.

* And The Big Picture blog has big pictures of yesterday’s Olympic opening ceremony.

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