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Nixon-Kennedy II: The Rematch: The Rematch

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The last debate between Clinton and Obama, just before Super Tuesday, didn’t actually have all that much in the way of fireworks. Both candidates were on defense in anticipation of Super Duper Tuesday, and neither had much incentive to take risks.

Tonight is different, and for that reason likely to be much more intense. Clinton is desperate for anything that has a chance of turning the race around, and I’m expecting her to throw a whole lot of vitriolic nonsense out tonight in the hopes that something sticks. Barack, as always, goes into these things at a double disadvantage: not only is he not an especially good debater, but his lackluster performance in debates has a tendency to disappoint people who have only heard him on the stump. His advisers have had a few weeks since the last debate to train him to give quick, pithy responses to negative attacks rather than trying to carefully and systemically unpack the misleading things that have been said—let’s hope they’ve done their job and that he’s learned his lesson well.

I also hope he’s been trained to go for the jugular a little bit more when he needs to, which has been not his forte in debates either.

As always, let’s hope he brings his debating pants.

LATE BREAKING UPDATE: I’ll be back tonight to liveblog, but in the meantime a sneak preview of tonight’s debate is already available through the magic of the Internets:

Looks like a spicy one.

Written by gerrycanavan

February 21, 2008 at 9:43 pm

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