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How Hillary Thinks She Wins

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“You need a process that both sides can buy into. You cannot let these internecine battles create a war.” That was Chuck Schumer on Meet the Press a few minutes ago, speaking without specificity about how the superdelegate and FL/MI situation should shake out.

Let’s parse this out.

“You need a process that both sides can buy into.” Assuming both sides want to win, and that both sides consider themselves to be within striking range of victory, what kind of process could both sides “buy into” when clearly any process would result in one or the other losing?

I think Clinton’s camp is going to argue going into the convention that the only possible mutual buy-in result is a joint ticket, and then assert she should obviously be the head of that ticket and/or quietly refuse to be VP. I think this is how she thinks she can still be the nominee.

UPDATE: I decided to post this as a diary on Daily Kos, with a poll: “Is a joint ticket the only solution to this mess?” After about twenty minutes, “no” was far and away the winner, with “There should not be a joint ticket under any circumstances” edging out “No, there are other possible solutions” by about ten points.

Written by gerrycanavan

February 17, 2008 at 3:12 pm

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