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While we wait for the polls to close in Virginia (7 pm), Maryland (8 pm), and DC (8 pm), here are a few links that look at the race going forward:

* Via Ezra Klein, The Brennan Center looks at how to fix democracy in America. E.L. Doctorow wins the thread, I think:

I would suggest that the new President direct the Justice Department to institute criminal proceedings against his predecessor for substantive and unjustified violations of the Constitution of the United States.

* Via Daily Kos, a new Wisconsin poll shows a reversal of the results of the last one, taken half a week ago. Now it’s Obama 50, Clinton 39.

* Looking ahead to Texas, Texans for Obama tries to explain the inscrutable primary-caucus hybrid they have down there and concludes that Obama could win more of the state’s delegates even if he loses the popular primary vote by 5%.

UPDATE: I just noticed there’s a new SurveyUSA poll from Ohio, with Obama down 56-39. Looks a lot to me like the margins he’s been handily overcoming these last few weeks. Hopefully there’s enough time…

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February 12, 2008 at 11:13 pm

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