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Quick addendum to last night: it looks as if New Mexico winds up in the Obama column as well. I can recognize the financial pressures inducing the media to call this one a tie—frankly I was counting on them when I thought Barack would be down by a hundred delegates—but the assertion that this is anything but a huge win for Obama is insane. 14 states out of 22; he was thought to behind in the state count. What still looks like a numerical win in delegates, when he was thought to be behind by at least a 100. A 49-48 split in the popular vote against the Democratic party’s most popular brand name. The bulk of all the tossup, “on-the-bubble” states went his way as well. How is this not a big win for a candidate who was behind by double digits a week ago? Inconceivable.

It’s the damn exits; if they hadn’t come out a few hours before the polls closed and driven expectations into the stratospheric, the talking heads could have seen this more clearly. Barely hanging on to two states you were always expected to win is not an upset or a comeback.

UPDATE: Well, this is a good sign. The headline on Drudge—who the pundits admit “rules our world”—as of 8:45 this morning: ELECTION SHOCK: OBAMA PASSES CLINTON IN DELEGATE COUNT. Maybe we’ll be seeing some better understanding of this today than we got last night?

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February 6, 2008 at 1:05 pm

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