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Charts I Like: California Edition

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After a weekend where the polls all seemed to flow Obama’s way, on the heels of a Reuters/Zogby poll this morning that puts Obama up by six in California on the eve of the primary, the Real Clear Politics rolling average for California looks like this:

And even this chart, as lovely as it is, is somewhat misleading, as it includes an outlier that puts Clinton up by 9; all but one of the rest put Obama up by a point or more. If it weren’t for the Mason-Dixon, the lines would have already crossed.

I don’t like to make predictions, especially about states I’ve never lived in, but it’s hard to see what arrests that vertical momentum in the next 48 hours. Could he actually pull off the upset of all upsets in California? With the endorsement of my hometown newspaper at his back, anything is possible.

Written by gerrycanavan

February 4, 2008 at 1:36 pm

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