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Possibilities after New Hampshire

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The polls haven’t closed in New Hampshire yet, but that hasn’t stopped nearly everyone from writing Clinton’s obituary. Here are Patrick Ruffini and Jerome Armstrong with alternative takes on how she might recover and go on to take the nomination. Ruffini envisions a strong Clinton showing in Nevada followed by a surprise win in the Florida non-primary, while Armstrong believes that symbolic Clinton victories in the Michigan non-primary and then in Florida will be touted as “wins” leading into Super Duper Tuesday. I’m pretty skeptical. I think for once the mass media’s insane hatred of the Clintons is on the side of the good and the just, and that the talking heads will fall over themselves to point out that Michigan and Florida mean nothing. And she isn’t at all likely to win Nevada; in fact, if Clinton really is down to only $15-20 million of her original warchest it seems more probable that her campaign will simply abandon Nevada and South Carolina altogether, as is already being suggested. Super Duper Tuesday, originally planned by the national party to be her coronation, is now her last hope, and it’s a pretty feeble one—the likely strong showing from Obama there puts the nomination out of reach.

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January 8, 2008 at 10:33 pm

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