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Primary Madness, Optimism, Pessimism, Bill O’Reilly, and the Audacity of Hope

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I’m going to try and watch the Democratic candidate debate tonight—I’ve avoided these things so far, because they’re almost always unwatchable, but there comes a time when you can no longer run—so if anything interesting happens I’ll be around to blog about it. In the meantime, though I have a few more primary links for those of you who aren’t totally sick of this topic yet:

* The new ARG poll, previously favorable to Clinton, now shows Obama clobbering her 38% to 26%.

* Inevitable “Worst Person in the World” Bill O’Reilly got accosted by the Secret Service today after making a scene at an Obama rally. If the party alignment were switched he probably would have been arrested, but for now I’m content just to see the guy continuing to make a complete ass out of himself.

* Pictures from an Obama rally this morning show the huge numbers of people who are turning out to see him speak. I believe this particular rally had over 2,500 people attend—they packed two gyms. Marc Ambinder, though apparently a Clinton supporter, has a nice post that recognizes the sheer magnitude of what is going on here, and what it means for the Clinton campaign going forward.

* This cartoon comparing the greatness of two Illinois politicians with limited “national experience” is very cute, but even it returns us inevitably to the current paroxysm of fear gripping many in both the African-American community and the progressive left, before and after Iowa, my endlessly pessimistic self included: What if the worst happens, again? I don’t fear violence after either an Obama victory or loss, as some on the right already claim to; all I fear is that at some point in the days and months and (hopefully) years ahead the country will once again be made to suffer its best and brightest hope being snatched away. I’ve felt this fear intensely since immediately following the news of Obama’s Iowa victory, and I suspect I’ll keep feeling it on some level or another until Jan. 20, 2017. I admire the hell out of the man just for risking that alone; talk about the audacity of hope.

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January 5, 2008 at 9:14 pm

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