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News for a Saturday (UPDATED)

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*Here’s a list of 2008 genre movies to complement the wider list I linked to the other day.

* When Letterman returns next week, he’ll be the only late show on the air with writers—Worldwide Pants made a separate deal with the writers’ union that will allow him to return with union approval. I have to say, this doesn’t help my uneasiness with what John Stewart and Colbert are doing one bit. (UPDATE: The Deadline Hollywood blog has a comprehensive, well-thought-out post about what the Letterman side deal could mean for the WGA, the AMPTP, and for Leno and his writers. Check it out.)

* And in Massive Nerd news, Joe Quesada has finally done what he’s always wanted and eliminated Peter Parker’s marriage from continuity. (Even the story’s own writer thinks it’s stupid.) Now Peter Parker and Mary Jane were never married in the first place, and everyone in the Spider-Man comics has either been de-aged or else we’ve traveled back in time. As is common with these sorts of retcons and reboots, it’s pretty unclear what’s supposed to have happened in the past or what is actually going on now. In other words, Marvel continuity at last is as ugly and convoluted as DC’s. And the nerds are pissed about it.

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December 29, 2007 at 1:11 pm

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